CIO Denver Summit | Jun 16, 2020 | Digital Event - Real-time Online Conversations,



Cybersecurity And COVID-19: BAU or Full On Crisis?

Think Tank - 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Who would have guessed that in the year 2020, the world would be brought to its collective knees because of a bat virus? Even worse, the world reacted prudently to safeguard lives by shuttering businesses and quarantining personnel. But with this action, new cybersecurity risks were (potentially) created for those organizations that attempted to stay open and allow workers to remotely connect. 

This Think Tank conversation will seek to explore lessons learned from each participant to include examining the following topics.
What worked and didn't work?

  • What was the most difficult aspect of switching to having all employee's work from home?
  • What risks did you leave on the table while rapidly switching to near 100% remote connectivity?
  • Did you utilize cloud technology and if so, for what areas?
  • If you have your own SOC, how did you protect employees especially before CDC guidance arrived?
  • Did you have MFA already employed or are you considering MFA now?
  • How are you mitigating home network related risks encroaching upon the corporate network?
  • If you are a multi-nation company, how did you handle security operations overseas?

Presented by:

Steve Knight, Former member of Innovation & Transformation Team, Kaiser Permanente